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Productivity Coaching

"No one succeeds alone. At Keller Williams, we have created a culture where everyone wins!" 

When you are newly licensed, you want MENTORS and COACHES. We find that often people confuse or intertwine what they really seek AND what will actually get them results that they are looking for.


- Gary Keller

Here are the quick definitions of each:

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A mentor is someone that has already achieved a goal that you want. A mentor shows you the path that they took to get there. And, maybe even a couple of shortcuts that they realize now with hindsight. You might find that their path does or doesn't work for you to follow in their footsteps to get to the goal.

What a mentor doesn’t do is get too involved with how you work. They also don’t walk with you into action. They provide a path and the knowledge from their experience, which can be helpful. Yet they don’t make sure that you have the internal skill set to take the journey.


A coach is someone who meets you wherever you are and works with you to clear the obstacles preventing you from achieving your goal. Moreover, a coach can help you see a goal that you didn’t even know was possible. They help you tap into your potential and walk with you on the journey toward your goal. They make sure you have the right mindset, motivation, vision, action steps and focus to get what you want.

A coach is an expert in helping to clear out the obstacles keeping them from the future they wanted and fostering action to create both tangible and intangible results.

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At Keller Williams Realty Central Oregon, we believe in our Productivity Coaches and compensate them out of the company portion of the agents split. They are with you for a minimum of your first 6 transactions. 

Meet our Coach

Barbara Barany

Barbara has been practicing real estate for almost 11 years, and joined Keller Williams in 2019. After seeing substantial growth in her business with the KW systems and models, she expanded her practice to teaching others and helping them grow their businesses. Being a Productivity Coach has been the perfect fit for Barbara and taken her to a new level both professionally and personally, following her passion for teaching. 

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